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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Chesapeake, VA Solar Air Conditioner Services

You may have heard before that the energy from the sun is the cleanest form of energy we can access, and the most readily available. So why haven’t you made the switch to solar panels? Many homeowners would like to take the right steps towards a more efficient home, but they aren’t sure where to begin. We recommend starting with one of the components of your home that consumes the most energy: the air conditioner.

Our technicians specialize in installing, servicing, and maintaining solar air conditioning units. The SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox can save you a great deal of money each year and helps reduce your home’s impact on the environment. This is an important step on the path to greener living and energy efficiency. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call House Call Company to find out how you can benefit from the installation of a new solar AC system. Give us a call today to learn more.

 House Call Company: serving the solar air conditioner installation and service needs of Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads area.

Is Solar Air Conditioning Right for You?

Solar cooling can benefit nearly homeowner, especially those who dread opening the monthly electric bills. In the summer, solar air conditioning can help to cut your energy bills in half. In fact, if you choose a solar heat pump over a conventional air conditioning system, you can cut down your cooling and heating bills to an impressive extent. Traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels are compatible with most houses, and they work even when it is cloudy or foggy outside. Furthermore, solar panels require little maintenance and usually last for decades.

Why Choose the SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox

The SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox is a particularly wise investment when it comes to solar cooling systems. Technicians begin by installing a certain amount of solar panels on the rooftop according to your budget and your home energy needs. You can always add on additional panels later on to power more of the lights and appliances in your home. You can add up to 16 solar modules during installation or at a later date.

The SunSource Home Energy System can also hook up to the internet connection in your home so that you can check up on its performance from time to time. This part is 100% free; all you have to do is log on to a website on your computer or open an app on your phone to track your energy usage, see how well each panel is operating, and track the environmental benefits of your investment.

Call Us for Solar AC Installation and Service

When you decide it’s the right time to power your home using the free, renewable energy of the sun, call House Call Company to get started. We can replace your existing air conditioning unit with a solar-compatible Lennox Signature model. You can count on us to ensure that every part of your new solar AC installation goes smoothly.

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