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Is the Insulation in Your Home Sufficient?

Friday, March 13th, 2015

“I need more insulation.”  We get that call a lot and it’s usually because the homeowner is cold and figures it has to be the insulation.  The truth is, that’s only a part of the issue.  Your house is a complicated set of systems that all must work together for you to be comfortable.  Insulation is one of those systems.

So Does Your House “Stack” Up?

The answer is yes.  Every house is a victim of “The Stack Effect.”  Everyone knows that hot air rises and when it does in your home, it escapes through holes you don’t even know are there.  Gaps around lights, ductwork, pipes, and electrical wires all allow air to escape into the attic.  Your house cannot exist in a vacuum, so it pulls cool air in to replace what it’s lost.  That’s that little breeze you feel and don’t know where it came from and that’s why you call us.

But insulation alone doesn’t solve the problem.  Insulation is measured in R-value where the R stands for resistance.  The R-value of insulation is a measure of the resistance to heat flow a particular material has, not the resistance to air flow.  Insulation does not stop air flow.  Your furnace filter is made out of fiberglass and, just like a filter, insulation allows air to pass through.  Air you have paid to heat and cool.  Sealing those gaps and holes throughout the attic keeps that air in, saving you money and keeping you comfortable.

Call The House Call Company today to have one of our Comfort Techs visit you and explain how air sealing and insulating your home is the right way to save on energy and  keep you comfortable.

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Is It Time for an AC System Tune Up in Newport News?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Although summer is still quite a ways off, it’s not too soon to begin thinking about your air conditioning system. In only a couple of months, the warmer season will be in full swing, and your air conditioning components may not be able to keep up with the demand. Most likely, it’s been a while since you’ve run your air conditioner, which means it has had time to collect dust and potentially decline somewhat in both efficiency and performance.

At House Call Company, we recommend an AC system tune up in Newport News and the surrounding area once a year. If you want to make sure that your cooling system is in top condition before the cooling season begins, you should schedule service sooner rather than later. Our technicians perform precision adjustments that help to get your air conditioner in top shape by the beginning of the cooling season. We also inspect each and every component, so that you can address any potential problems before the hot weather arrives.

An AC system tune-up consists of a few in-depth steps, all of which help to keep your unit in the best shape possible. The following stages help to improve the condition of your unit:

  • Cleaning – The parts of your AC system cannot run as efficiently as they should when dirt, dust, and debris affect performance. The outdoor condensing coil, for example, cannot help to dissipate heat properly when it is covered in a layer of dust, which is likely to gather over the course of a year. A technician cleans such components using only methods that are proven to be safe for your unit.
  • Adjustment – The technician should also adjust some of the parts that can substantially affect performance. If components become loose, bent, or misaligned, they simply cannot function in the manner they were meant to. The technician may tighten electrical connections, lubricate motors, or screw in some loose parts.
  • Inspection – One of the most important steps of a tune-up is a thorough inspection of the entire system. After inspection, the contractor can let you know whether a part of your system is in need of repair so that you can schedule service sooner ASAP.

If it seems too early to schedule a tune-up, keep in mind that warmer weather will be here before you know it.

Call House Call Company today for a quality AC system tune-up in Newport News, VA, and ask how you can save money by enrolling in our Peace of Mind Priority Membership Club for annual tune-ups, priority service, and more.

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