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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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3 Common Signs That Your AC Is in Trouble

During the hottest time of the year, you really want to know that your air conditioner is in fine working order. This simply will not always be the case, though. Mechanical systems, your air conditioner included, are subject to occasional operational problems. Because problems with your air conditioner will only get worse the longer you allow them to go unaddressed, it is important that you schedule professional air conditioning repairs in Chesapeake, VA at the very first sign of trouble with your system. Simply dial our number to do so. The AC repair technicians at House Call Company are more than happy to ensure that your system is in fine working order. 

Alarming Sounds

It may not seem like the most serious problem, but you should give us a call if you notice that your AC is running more loudly than usual. You could have a problem with your ductwork, the fans in the system, or your compressor itself. There is really now way in which to know for certain precisely what the problem is without having a trained professional evaluate the system. If your AC is really making a racket, contact us immediately.

Increased Cooling Costs

When cooling your home, you surely hope to do so in an efficient, affordable manner. If there is anything at all wrong with your air conditioning system, you will not be able to cool your home with the efficiency that you deserve. If you notice high cooling costs are driving up your utility bills, let us know so that we can diagnose and resolve any problems.

Subpar Performance Quality

Should you find that your AC is just not cooling your home as well as it once did, you need to have it inspected by a trained professional immediately. The longer that you wait to do so, the worse off your comfort will be. Uneven cooling, short cycling, and lukewarm air coming from the vents are common signs that your AC is in trouble.

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