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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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AC Blowing Warm Air?

thermometer-risingImagine that it is a hot summer night, and that you wake up in considerable discomfort. You hear the indoor AC unit running, but upon further investigation, you find that your system is blowing warm air out of your ducts! What do you do? Well, the answer to that question definitely is not “panic.” In fact, it may not even be “schedule AC repairs.” There are several reasons why your air conditioner may be blowing warm air throughout your home. The good news is that not all of them are serious problems.

In most instances, you should not be servicing your air conditioner on your own. Your air conditioning services in Chesapeake, VA should always be completed by skilled, trained professionals. As you’ll see in the following post, however, some issues causing warm air to blow from your system don’t really require “service” at all. Keep an eye out for these quick fixes, and let us handle any necessary repairs if there is no obvious solution to your problem. 

Did You Check…

Before you reach for the phone—and we know that this is going to sound very obvious—double check your thermostat. Obvious as this may seem to you now, there are many instances in which homeowners get worried very quickly about their air conditioners. The bottom line is that you don’t need to pay a professional to come and reset your thermostat for you.

It is possible that your AC is in a “fan-only” mode, blowing unconditioned air throughout your living space. You may have accidentally switched your heat pump over to its heating mode as well. If this is the case, simply resetting your thermostat is enough to get your system and your comfort back on track.

If the thermostat is set properly, you should pop outside quickly to determine if your outdoor AC unit is up and running. If not, then you may have a tripped circuit breaker. Your indoor and outdoor AC units almost certainly run on different circuits due to the amount of power that they draw. That means that your outdoor unit may be on an interrupted circuit, leaving your indoor unit to deal with warm air in the house while running.

Contact Us if There Is No Obvious Fix

Now, the scenarios discussed above are definitely your best-case scenarios. There is a chance that you have a much more serious problem on your hands. For instance, you may have a refrigerant leak in your AC. The refrigerant is what allows for your air conditioner to remove heat from the air in your home in the first place, so this is a major problem. Continuing to run a system low on refrigerant means higher bills, lesser comfort, and the very real risk of very serious damage to your AC.

Leaky ductwork could also be to blame if your system is blowing warm air. You don’t want to try and access your ductwork, find any leaks, and seal them up on your own. That is a job for trained professionals only. We can seal your air ducts for lasting results, so give us a call if you suspect any such problems.

Contact us and see how we can make you smile. House Call Company is always happy to help.

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