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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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You Need a Clean Air Filter in Your AC!

filterBy and large, air conditioning maintenance is something you really need to leave to trained professionals. Routine AC maintenance is a very involved process, requiring a number of different checks, tests, and cleanings. However, there is one vital task that you should complete on your own as recommended and required. That is changing the air filter that comes standard in your air conditioning system.

Now, we know that it may not sound like the biggest priority, and yes, your AC technician is going to change your air filter when he or she completes your system tune-up each year. However, you need to change your air filter much more than once a year. Typically, these filters should be changed every 1 to 3 months. This means that, assuming you want the best that your air conditioner in Portsmouth, VA has to offer, you need to be doing the filter changes yourself.

Don’t Let a Dirty Filter Drive Up Your Bills While Driving Down Your Comfort

The first issue that we want to talk about when it comes to dirty air filters–though all of these problems really do feed into one another–is the matter of energy efficiency. More specifically, we want to talk about just how detrimental a very dirty air filter can be for your energy efficiency. If you don’t make the very minor investment in the new filters that your AC needs, then you are going to be paying more to cool your home.

When a filter is clogged up, air is obviously not going to move through it as easily as it otherwise would. By keeping a fresh filter in your system, you cut down on the amount of energy that the system must use in order to force conditioned air throughout the house. This means it will use less energy in doing so, helping to keep your bills in check.

Plus, a dirty air filter can create so much resistance that it is easier for the air to bypass the filter entirely, passing through gaps between the filter and its frame. When that happens, pollutants can make their way through the system, and that will result in decreased indoor air quality. Plus, the pollutants can build up on integral components within the system, further impeding its operation.

You also need to keep the overall condition of your air conditioner in mind. When your system is working harder than it should to cool your home, it can overheat. This can lead it to short-cycle, meaning that it will shut down and start up, only to shut back down and start back up over and over. When this happens too frequently, a lot of wear and tear is placed on the system. Ice can also develop on the evaporator coil when airflow is restricted, leading to further strain on the system. As you can see, changing the air filter is a pretty simple task with very real results.

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