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Bigger Is Definitely NOT Better!

Many companies might use the slogan “bigger is better,” but this seems to be something highly discouraged in the HVAC industry. That’s because a heater or air conditioner that’s poorly sized for your home will often lead to more problems than comfortable solutions, and that inevitably leads to higher bills for you.

In the interest of lowering the expensive amount of repairs and replacements you’ll have to deal with, we’d like to discuss why the phenomenon of “bigger is better” definitely doesn’t work with air conditioners, and how this ideology can hurt you in the long run. We’re going to have to discuss exactly what constitutes AC sizing, and how that can impact your home’s temperature and your energy bills.

AC repair in Chesapeake, VA doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to make sure your system lasts for a long time and functions effectively, and that means making sure it’s sized appropriately for your home.

Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Air conditioners need to be sized for an important set of reasons. From efficiency, to a general decrease in repairs, to staying away from a total replacement, having a system that’s perfectly sized for your home is a great way to maximize your returns and lower your monthly bills. Let’s explore how that works.


An air conditioner that’s too small for your home will practically never shut off, since it will struggle to cool all the air in your home. This is obviously inefficient. So, many homeowners overcompensate for a system that’s too large to make sure their home is easily cooled. This isn’t a good idea.

Air conditioners that are too large will struggle to complete a full cooling cycle. AC systems are designed to run a cycle, which reduces strain on the system and consume as little energy as possible. By interrupting this process and causing the system to meet the desired temperature too early, your air conditioner will have to abruptly halt, in a malfunction that’s known in the industry as short cycling.

Short cycling is a term that we use to describe an air conditioner that can’t complete a full cycle. This causes a dramatic decrease in efficiency and often causes early breakdowns because it puts unnecessary stress on certain components of the unit.

Increased Repairs

We mentioned briefly that short cycling causes unnecessary stress on certain components of your air conditioner. Well, this often leads to frequent repairs that can be both expensive and obnoxious. An air conditioner that’s too big will have large, expensive parts that are constantly being worn down, and others that are barely touched, because of the uneven cooling and the short cycling.

The Need for a Replacement

Unfortunately, the only long-lasting response for an air conditioner that’s too large for the home it’s supposed to cool, is a full system replacement. This can be extremely pricey and is the main reason why we put so much effort into warning homeowners not to invest in an oversized system.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Replacing your oversized air conditioner can be the right move if you’ve got a responsible team like ours making sure your next system is sized correctly.

The House Call Company has you covered. Contact us and see how we can make you smile!

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