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Five Do-it-Yourself Tips to Save Energy this Summer

As summer starts to heat up and temperatures rise, many Hampton Roads homeowners are turning down the temperature on the thermostat to stay cool. Unfortunately, doing so can cause a large increase in your electricity bill! To help save homeowners money, House Call Company shares a few do-it-yourself tips that will save money and have you investing in your home. For additional tips, view the 6 DIY Tips to Save Energy this Summer Infographic.

Plug up any holes.
Don’t let the air you pay for escape! Sealing holes with foam or caulk can help eliminate problem areas. Professionals can also aid by plugging the holes in your ductwork. This will assist in keeping the air you paid for from leaking outside the home.

Close those shades.
You may be a fan of natural light, but direct sun light beaming in your home can create a greenhouse effect; essentially, making your AC unit work harder to maintain cooler temperatures. You can still let the light in; just remember to keep the shades closed on the east side of your home in the morning, south side in the afternoon, and west side in the evening.

Keep the filters clean.
ENERGY STAR® recommends checking your air conditioning filter once a month and, at minimum, changing the filter every three months. You can clean a filter by running water through it and letting it air-dry. If you have Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) filters, contact a professional to ensure its installed correctly.

Don’t forget about the attic.
To help keep extreme temperatures down, consider installing a solar-powered attic fan. Doing so will help ventilate hot air out of the attic, but beware, if your attic is not sealed properly, you could be cooling the space with your air conditioner!

Give the professionals a call!
There are many issues, which can have a detrimental effect on your home performance quality. Air leaks, faulty HVAC components and other problems may set back the performance level when it comes to heating and cooling your home efficiently. So don’t wait until there’s a problem to get help.

Contact the House Call Company home performance specialists by calling 757-394-3403.

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