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Installing a Fresh Filter: What Not to Do

Installing a fresh filter in your air conditioner is a vital component to its longevity and functionality. Replacing or cleaning your air filter is one of the few AC maintenance jobs we recommend doing yourself, since it is fairly straightforward and needs to be done once every couple of months at the latest. However, there are some tips we’d like to give homeowners who plan on replacing their filters, because there are some common filter mishaps we see regularly that can be avoided.

Mainly, there are some store-bought air filters that are too thick and kill the efficiency of your air conditioner—leading eventually to air conditioning repair in Smithfield, VA. We’ll get more into specifics about what’s so wrong about a thicker air conditioner and how it can ruin the efficiency of your air conditioner.

The Issue with Box Store Filters

We recognize that there are many types of “high efficiency” filters offered from big box stores that are just supposed to work with many different types of air conditioners. Like many big box store solutions, this seems to be a “one size fits all” approach that is enticingly approachable. However, contrary to their name, these filters could actually ruin the efficiency of your air conditioner. Before we get into that, we first need to talk about what filters actually do for your air conditioner.

The Function of Filters

Contrary to popular belief, filters are not actually used to increase the air quality of your air conditioner’s output. In fact, air filters are meant to block dust, dirt, and debris from entering your AC and harming the coils. Without the use of an air filter, your AC would have break downs much faster than normal—and its lifespan would decrease dramatically.

So what’s the problem with a “high efficiency” filter from a box store? Well, the problem is that these one inch, high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), filters are actually too stifling for the air conditioner and will actually make air less able to be absorbed into the system. This will absolutely ruin the efficiency of your AC and cause damage eventually.

What Should You Do?

First of all, you can always call the professionals to make sure you’re replacing your air filter the right way. We’ve seen this mishap all too often and it’s painful to watch. We’d much rather have homeowners ask us before they install their new “high efficiency” air filter, on whether or not it’s going to damage their air conditioner.

Secondly, do some research! Look online at what brand of filter the manufacturer of the AC system recommends you install. Or perhaps, you can just use the same brand that was already in the system that you just removed! These are easy tips that can help you avoid a stifling air filter.

Just make sure you don’t fall for the ploy of a “high efficiency” air filter that will cause damage to your AC. Remember that one poorly chosen air filter can cost you a hefty sum of money in AC repairs!

If you’ve still got questions about air filters, call the House Call Company today! Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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