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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Is Ductwork Necessary for Whole-House Cooling?

Traditional, split central air conditioning systems utilize air ducts in order to distribute cooled air throughout home. The problem with this, of course, is the fact that not all homes have air ducts in place. Furthermore, many homes simply cannot accommodate the installation of bulky ductwork therein, and many homeowners simply don’t want to go to the trouble of having air ducts installed. Others don’t want to deal with the potential problems that damaged or leaky ductwork can lead to. The good news for any such homeowners is that air ducts are no longer a necessity when it comes to whole-house cooling. Call House Call Company today to learn more about the benefits of using a ductless air conditioner in Chesapeake, VA.

What Is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

A ductless air conditioner, unsurprisingly, is an air conditioning system which does not need air ducts in order to force cooled air throughout a home. Instead, ductless ACs use individual, wall mounted blowers in order to cool the rooms in which they are installed directly. An outdoor unit, much like that in a traditional AC system, is used as well. The indoor and outdoor components in such a system are connected by a simple conduit, in which one would find the power, refrigerant, and any necessary drainage lines. Each blower is operated independently of the others, regulated by its own thermostat.

Why Choose a Ductless Air Conditioner?

As mentioned above, many homes cannot accommodate air ducts, and many homeowners don’t want to use them. Ductless split systems are ideal for such situations. There are still other benefits to consider, though, which may convince you that going ductless is the right move for your home.

The nature of the blower units allows for simple zone controlled cooling, meaning that you don’t have to maintain one set temperature throughout your entire household. Additionally, it should be noted that ductless mini splits can utilize heat pump technology in order to reverse their method of operation, allowing for both heating and cooling with one simple system. Finally, eliminating the risk of air leaks in ductwork means that you won’t have to worry about energy waste or inconsistent cooling throughout your home. If you think that a ductless air conditioner is the right fit for your needs and cooling preferences, give us a call today to schedule service.

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