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Maintaining Your AC for the Winter

While every homeowner would like to think that they can leave their AC alone until next spring, what they usually don’t know is that there are a few things that should be done to keep your AC stored properly for the cold months ahead. Central air conditioners need to be covered and maintained correctly through the winter, otherwise, you’ll be dealing with possible repairs when next spring rolls around.

While this wouldn’t be considered AC maintenance in Suffolk, VA air conditioners still need to be looked after when they’re not in use. Animals can make nests in the grills and vents, impeding the ability of your system to work as the seasons change. That’s why we’d like to tell you what you can do to mitigate this damage and keep your central air conditioner happy as you ride out the winter months.

Winter Storage AC Tips

Remember, air conditioners are supposed to last anywhere from 10-15 years in the best of cases. That’s why you’re going to want a plan that works for many winters, not just one. Keeping your AC safe and secure through 15 winters is no joke, so make sure you’ve got a good strategy going forward. Here are some tips if you’re looking to keep your system safe.

  • Cover your air conditioner. Either use a store-bought air conditioner cover or put together some tarp and a few bricks to cover your system for the winter. This will keep it mostly safe from debris and water.
  • Clean the nearby vicinity of your AC. You’ve probably seen the leaves piling up as autumn carries on. Leaves, dirt, dust, grass clippings, and anything else within two feet of your air conditioner can be blown into the vents and grills with one strong winter gust of wind.
  • Inspect the system. This one is important. If you notice any cracks, breeches, or broken pieces to your system, we can pretty much guarantee that those cracks will get much worse through the winter. When water freezes, it expands, and any moisture that freezes around or in your system will break it apart. Call a professional to get these issues fixed.
  • Insulate exposed pipes. If there are any pipes or wiring, it’s a good idea to insulate them and keep them well protected from the winter weather. As water, ice, and freezing temperatures become more common, pipes and wires will break apart from the fluids around or within them.

Take Care of Repairs

Putting away your air conditioner for the season is just one part of the process, but AC repairs are much better done before the winter than after. Time, cold, and precipitation only make AC problems worse, so you’re always better off getting the necessary repairs for your system before the winter hits.

Plus, nobody wants to spend all the time and effort keeping their system safe and secure through the winter, only to turn it on and have a glaring issue keeping them hot and uncomfortable. Give our team a call for all your necessary air conditioner repairs, so you’re all set for the winter and the summer to come!

Looking for help with maintaining your air conditioner? Give the House Call Company a ring! Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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