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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Is It Time for AC Repairs?


Nobody wants to encounter the need for air conditioning repairs, of course. However, you’d better believe that you’ll need them at some point. This is the reality for any mechanical system. Repairs are just part of the experience. The key to minimizing any negative effects on your air conditioner is to schedule any necessary repairs ASAP. That is why we want to help you recognize the need for air conditioning repair in Virginia Beach, VA, early on.

While you obviously don’t want to be paying for air conditioning repairs that you don’t really need, you do want to be proactive about getting out ahead of them. We have yet to come across an air conditioning problem that is going to resolve itself, and trust us—we’ve pretty much seen them all at this point. All that delaying your air conditioning repairs accomplishes is giving the problem more time to damage your system.

Pay Attention to Your Bills

If your air conditioner is struggling due to problems of any kind, then your energy bill is typically a good place to find out. Your air conditioner can actually still do a pretty decent job of cooling your home, even if it is compromised. So, a spike in energy costs as you run your AC definitely should not be written off.

There are a lot of reasons why problems drag down efficiency. Low refrigerant levels due to leaks negatively affects the heat transfer process. Damaged blower fans can lead to longer run times as the system struggles to effectively distribute cool air throughout the house. We’ll figure out exactly what’s going on in order to resolve the problem completely.

Pay Attention to Operating Sounds

This may sound like a strange way to diagnose a problem with one’s air conditioner, but just listening for any strange sounds is actually a very effective way in which to catch problems early on. After all, you live in the home that you cool with your AC. Who is better acquainted with the sounds that it makes during operation than you are?

Strange sounds don’t necessarily mean new sounds, either. Yes, unfamiliar noises probably mean that there is a problem of some kind with your system. However, so too can regular noises that are much louder than normal. Any audible abnormalities are reason enough to have your system checked out.

Pay Attention to Your Comfort!

We know that this one sounds obvious, but too often a steady decline in cooling output doesn’t really register with homeowners. An air conditioner isn’t likely to just break down out of nowhere. Its performance will degrade over time and, sometimes, that leads to homeowners convincing themselves that the system is doing “good enough.”

Good enough is never enough for our clients, though! It doesn’t matter if the system seems to be cooling the home unevenly, if it’s short cycling, or if it is running for way too long. Any such irregularities should set off the alarm that repairs may be needed. Dial our number to find out for sure.

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