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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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What Can I Do to Keep My AC Working Properly?

man-with-filterYou know what we would love to use this post for this week? Explaining to you what steps must be taken in order to make your air conditioner 100% reliable. Of course, we will not be doing this. And of course, we are not withholding this information because we do not want you to enjoy reliability of that kind. We just don’t have any such information to share. In fact, no one does—because no air conditioner currently in existence is ever going to be 100% reliable.

If you’ve had us install or replace your air conditioner, then the quality of your air conditioning installation and replacement services mean that your AC has gotten off on the right foot. However, there are a few other steps that must be taken to ensure that it remains on the right path. While you may not be able to keep your AC in Virginia Beach 100% reliable, you do want to keep it as reliable as possible. And that is something that we can help you to do.

Change the Filter Regularly

But my air quality is fine, why bother changing the filter? Because that air filter is not there to boost indoor air quality throughout your home, that’s why. This means that the quality of the air is not really a measure against which you can judge the condition of your filter. So what is it there for? Why is a dirty filter a problem?

Well, your air filter is there to ensure that sensitive components in your air conditioning system are not compromised by the buildup of dust and dirt in your system. Basically, it’s there to keep the AC itself functioning properly. Changing it out for a fresh one as needed, typically every month or so, will help it to do so.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Is your outdoor AC unit covered in grass clippings? Does it have a bunch of tree limbs or branches stacked up on top of it? Are you waiting for it to clean itself? Get out there and clean it off!

If your system is encased in grass clippings, it may struggle to effectively release heat outside. If it has a bunch of yard waste on top, then that yard waste can get in and wind up stuck in the fan. A clean unit is one that is going to perform at peak performance levels.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Those last few points are definitely tasks that you can handle on your own. The bulk of air conditioning maintenance, however, is going to require professional intervention. There is no way that you can handle as complex a service as your annual AC tune-up, even if you fail to realize just how complex it actually is right now.

We offer the AC maintenance that your system needs to truly succeed. If you are serious about getting the very best performance that your air conditioner has to offer, then you definitely need to schedule service with our team annually.

Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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