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Waiting doesn’t make it better!

Friday, August 31st, 2018

When I was younger I would drive my car until the wheels fell off. I would never dream of doing that now, I want to make sure my family is safe and I want time to make the right buying decision and consider all my options. Funny, I still have customers call me when they need a new unit right now​.

That’s just bad for everyone.

When you are hot and miserable you aren’t as likely to make a good decision, or have time to consider all your options. It’s not always the price you pay today, but how much that AC unit is going to cost to run for the next 15 years.

Now you have one more reason to do the right thing…Trade in your older, inefficient air conditioner while it is still working and you could make a big difference in your home and in your community.

Right now, when you trade in that old working AC it will be donated to Youth Challenge. This will help them in many ways. Your unit will be sent to the Youth Challenge Thrift Store where it will be reconditioned and then sold to help someone less fortunate, all the proceeds go to help Youth Challenge and you get a nice charitable tax deduction. They take the broken ACs too!

So start saving money today on your energy bills, and save money on your taxes next year…All while helping out a great organization and the community.

Still not convinced, how about 0% interest for 5 years.

Call 757 398 1820 to schedule your appointment


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Why does your refrigerant prices jump around some much?

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
Several clients have asked us: “Why does your refrigerant prices jump around some much?” Attached is some documentation that helps explain the fluctuation, but in a nutshell, here is why. The government is in the process of phasing out R22. This is similar to when Lead Gas was phased out, or for the younger crowd. When Ethanol Gas was phased in.
As the R22 supply phases out the cost to purchase what is left goes up. Like gas, this is a supply and demand issue. When more people need it the price goes up, less people, the price goes down. The thought was as these old R22 system fail and are replaced with new R410a systems, then the problem would go away. Welcome to the global economy and how politics affects your everyday life.
Now there are global pressures on countries that produce the new R410a refrigerants. On July 16, 2015, the Department of Commerce (Commerce) announced the initiation of the antidumping duty (AD) investigation of imports of certain refrigerant components from China. The restrictions put in place has caused the supply of the new 410a to reduce, and now like the old R22 the prices are very volatile.
Here at House Call Company, we track these trends very closely and try to purchase refrigerants at the best possible price for our clients. We competitively price them so any changes up or down get passed through to our clients. SO, long story short. The reason is a combination of supply, demand and the government.
We will continue to try and bring you the best deals as we receive them, and thank you all for allowing us to continue to serve you. If you have any burning question you would like answered by our team, please feel free to send them to us at any time. We do our best to quickly and accurately answer all of your questions.

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House Call Company Shares “Story of My Wife” Video Contest Winner

Monday, April 13th, 2015

As Hampton Road’s premier HVAC company, we like to have fun around the office! In that spirit, the House Call Company team created a video parody of the One Direction song “Story of My Life.” Take a look at The Story of My Wife video below:

We had so much fun creating it that we hosted a video contest for consumers to submit their parody video! The winner of The ‪Story of My Wife video contest‬ is……. Caylin W. from Suffolk! Below is her adorable submission putting a fun twist on our parody by creating “Story of My Bear.” Take a look:

We truly appreciate everyone who participated in this fun contest. Be sure to follow House Call Company on Facebook and Twitter for future contests and promotions!

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House Call Company Announces January’s Employee of the Month

Monday, February 16th, 2015

When Mike Marable was asked to attend a corporate training event for the House Call Company, he had no idea what he was signing up for! In front of the entire House Call Company family, he was presented with a certificate highlighting his exceptional service on January 30, 2015.

Marable, a 20-year-industry veteran, was selected as the House Call Company’s employee of the month for January for his outstanding customer service and representation of the company’s core values. He consistently receives exceptional reviews from customers, builders as well as his coworkers.

As noted by one pleased client in a recent review, “Mike Marable is very knowledgeable and very helpful,” said Justin. “House Call Company is great. They are a very professional group of people that help us ensure well insulated, energy tight homes!”

Marable is the House Call Company’s HERS Field Rater handling all third party certifications in Richmond, Virginia. He lives by the philosophy that ‘customers are family’ and will do anything to take care of them.

He has been married 28 years to his best friend, and beautiful wife, Cherl. They have two lovely daughters and one precious granddaughter. In his spare time, Marable love to fish for anything that swims!

We thank Mike for all his hard work and contributions to the success of the House Call Company.


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Some of the Unusual Movies Released for Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

Hollywood has always tried to match movies up to the seasons to draw droves of viewers to the theaters: October is packed with fright-offerings, while the winter holidays skew toward warm and pleasing family films (as well as Oscar hopefuls). Valentine’s Day falls in an odd spot when it comes to the movie release calendar, however, since February tends to be a slower time for the film industry. The studios are as likely to slot strange movies that don’t fit anywhere else in their annual schedules into the Valentine’s Day weekend as they are films with powerful romantic appeal.

So, while the second weekend of February has featured hugely successful romantic comedies like Hitch, The Wedding Singer, and (of course) Valentine’s Day, some truly weird choices have debuted in this weekend as well. And a few have even gone on to tremendous success despite the bizarre match with the holiday. Here are a couple of the odder Valentine’s Day movie releases:

  • Dracula (1931): Yes, this Halloween perennial and the start of Universal Studio’s Classic Monsters actually came out on Valentine’s Day! But perhaps this makes some sense, as the Dracula legend has often received a “doomed lover” approach in the many years since Bela Lugosi made the aristocratic vampire a screen icon.
  • The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Does any film seem less appropriate for Valentine’s Day than this unnerving and sometimes very violent psychological thriller? What’s even more astonishing than the film’s release date is that The Silence of the Lambs eventually nabbed the Oscar for Best Picture, an almost unheard of occurrence for a movie released so early in the year.
  • Daredevil (2003): This Marvel comic adaptation featuring Ben Affleck as a blind superhero does contain a romantic subplot, but the stronger connection to Valentine’s Day may just be that Daredevil wears a bright red costume.
  • A Good Day to Die Hard (2013): The least successful of the Die Hard film franchise, this is an excellent example of a studio dropping a film into a weekend where it doesn’t fit in the hopes that it works as counter-programming. (It didn’t.)
  • Wayne’s World (1992): Now here is an example of counter-programming that clicked with audiences. This comedy based on a Saturday Night Live sketch turned into one of that year’s biggest hits and spawned a sequel.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with a trip to the movie theater, or you have your own special plans, everyone here at House Call Company hopes you and your loved ones have a wonderful weekend.

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Check Out Our Blog for the Latest in HVAC Technology

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Be sure to bookmark the House Call Company blog for updates on the latest advances in Air Conditioning and Plumbing technology.

We’ll feature money saving promotions here as well.

Call House Call Company for all your Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, Home Performance needs.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Monday, December 8th, 2014

iMarket Solutions has launched House Call Company new custom website. To learn more about how iMarket Solutions can expand your presence on the web visit:

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