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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Mother’s Day: When Your Husband Is Terrible at Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is just around the corner. This May 14th, mothers throughout the country are going to be showered with gifts, affection, and appreciation for all that they do for the most important people in their lives. We here at House Call Company handle a lot of big jobs with regularity. But we know that being a mother is one of the biggest jobs of all. Don’t you think that the mother in your life, be it your own or the mother of your children, deserves something special this year? We do, which is why we want to handle that Honey-Do list for you.

We believe in improving lives by improving homes, and hiring our technicians to handle the jobs that you need completed around the house is a great way to ensure that everyone living in that house, mothers included, are able to live the comfortable and convenient life they deserve. It may not sound like the most romantic plan in the world, but one thing mothers are is practical. The flowers and cards are up to you, but there is not a mother out there that won’t be ecstatic to finally see every item on that Honey-Do list completed and completed properly. There is a lot that we can do for you.

Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades

Sure, plumbing may not be something that you normally associate with Mother’s Day. Has the mother in your life been asking you to spice up the bathroom space in your home a bit, though? Have you been putting doing so off? Do you want to ensure that the finished product looks like it was handled by skilled professionals? Then just let us know! The bathroom is one of those places that is highly functional, but that doesn’t mean that fashion shouldn’t enter into the equation.

Kitchen Plumbing

Does your wife or mother love to cook? Is she losing her enthusiasm for doing so because the kitchen that she has at her disposal isn’t ideal? Then let our team give her the kitchen that she’s looking for. From new kitchen sinks and faucets to the best garbage disposals on the market, we’ll make sure that the kitchen plumbing in your home suits your needs.

HVAC and Home Performance Services

Summer is coming–are you going to be able to keep your family cool and comfortable on Mother’s Day and beyond? Is your wife or mother concerned about rising energy costs? Does she look to you to handle the details of your home comfort systems? From routine AC maintenance that will get your system ready for the hottest time of the year, to insulation services and energy audits, our technicians will guarantee that you are getting the most from the AC in your home, and from your home itself.

Electrical System Options

Our electrical services are just what you need to ensure that the mother in your life is able to get into the house safely, as guided by a great outdoor lighting system. Do you have nice, high ceilings in your home? Let us install elegant ceiling fans that will also help to cut down on energy costs. Does your mother or wife like keeping the house tidy, but hates lugging a vacuum around? We install central vacuum systems, too.

We want to offer everyone something this Mother’s Day, which is why we’re running a current promotion. Let us handle your Honey-Do list, and you’ll receive a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings! This is a deal that is going to leave everyone happy this holiday.

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