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Is DIY Drain Cleaning Effective?

drainThe answer to that question is simple: no. Do-it-yourself drain cleaning methods are never as effective as having a professional plumber perform a cleaning. Sure, there are a lot of online tips and tricks, we don’t recommended them—not if you want the job done right. Some things you can fix yourself, but others should be left to the pros.

Of course, some problems do not require a professional. You can certainly use a plunger to clear out minor clogs. However, when it comes to a true cleaning, plungers and household chemical cleaners simply won’t do. Certified plumbers carry equipment meant to clean your plumbing system better than anything you can buy in a store. In fact, many of the items used at home only get a fraction of the job done or, worse, cause even more damage! Keep reading to see our comparison between at-home-solutions and professional drain cleaning in Portsmouth, VA.

Plungers vs. Plumber

Let’s face it: we all use a plunger every once and a while. While these are great tools to use for a blockage near the drain opening, they aren’t always powerful enough. We are not telling you to throw your plunger away and call a plumber every time your toilet is backed up, but more often than you think, the issue lies deep within the plumbing system. A basic plunger will work for small clogs but is not an effective drain cleaning tool. The best thing you can do for a deep blockage in your plumbing system is to contact a professional plumber.

Professional vs. Home Drain Snakes

You can find drain snakes in almost any hardware store, but they often aren’t enough to solve the problem you face. Grease or hair buildup proves to be a challenge for home drain snakes. Plus, home drain snakes often have trouble grasping the clog and begin to flail when they reach it.

The professional drain snake, or auger, is quite unlike anything you will find in a hardware store. In fact, the augers a pro uses are often motorized. This allows it to break through any clog, no matter the size. Also, many augers have rotating heads that can cut through tree roots! They are extremely tough! You can count on a professional plumber to use an auger correctly.

Chemical Drain Cleaners vs. Hydro-Jetting

First and foremost, chemical drain cleaners are dangerous. They’re toxic and often ineffective. Plus, they can cause damage to the inside of your pipes. There is a reason most landlords don’t allow their tenants to use these products! Trust us, don’t pour chemicals down your drain. Chances are they’ll only clear enough of the clog to allow the cleaner through, anyway.

Plumbers rely on hydro-jetting to break up clogs and clear pipes. Hydro-jetting is a method of drain cleaning that involves spraying a high-pressure stream of water down the drain pipe. It can be used as either a preventive or reactive measure. Hydro-jetting is useful for clearing out residue left over from fats, oils, and grease, all of which can cause serious blockage.

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