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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Take Advantage of Our $99 Drain Cleaning Special

When you think of your plumbing system, you may think of all of the pipes and fixtures which distribute water throughout your home first and foremost. These are, of course, very important components of the system at large. However, you must remember just how integral a role your drains play in the bigger picture, as well. After all, you don’t want to have to dump out a bathtub full of water after every bathing session, right? One way in which to keep your drains functioning precisely as they ought to is by scheduling professional drain cleaning in Chesapeake, VA. Call House Call Company today, and remember to ask about our special $99 drain cleaning promotion!

Why Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning?

When your drains are not clearing properly, you may be tempted to hit the local hardware store and to purchase a chemical drain cleaner of some sort. However, we really must advise against this. Not only can these chemicals prove to be corrosive and will have a negative environmental impact, but they are unlikely to do a thorough job of cleaning your drains anyway. They’ll likely clear just enough of a clog to allow for safe passage, then wash down the still-partially-clogged drain.

You may think that investing in a drain snake is a better option, but in truth it is marginally better at best. You may simply force the snake through a clog, clearing enough of it for water to drain a bit more successfully. However, the detritus left behind means that another clog is never too far off. More serious clogs will require tools that are more powerful than basic augers, too, and those tools are far too expensive to invest in only to use them very occasionally.

Ultimately, your best bet is always to schedule professional drain cleaning services with a qualified plumber. You will find plenty of them on our staff. Contact us today, and remember to inquire about our $99 drain cleaning special.

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