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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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3 Common Problems with Ceiling Fans

While some homeowners seem to think of ceiling fans as mostly decorative installations or outdated cooling supplements, those of us in the know recognize them as the powerful allies in the comfort battle that they are. Ceiling fans help to circulate conditioned air throughout homes more effectively, and most can be reversed in order to do the same with heated air in the winter season. Ceiling fans, like any other mechanical system or electronic appliance, can encounter problems from time to time, though. When you run into issues with your ceiling fans in Chesapeake, VA, you need to hire a professional technician to have them resolved. Contact House Call Company if you find that there is anything wrong with your ceiling fan or its operational quality.

Your Fan Won’t Turn On

We’ll get the most obvious problem out of the way first. If you activate your ceiling fan, and it won’t turn on at all, then you may have a problem with the wiring in your home. There could be additional issues with your wiring of which you are not aware, so it is important to have any such electrical problems assessed and resolved as soon as possible. Just remember that if you use a wall switch to control your ceiling fan, but it still has chain controls as well, that you should double check all controls before assuming there is a problem. It won’t hurt to check for tripped breakers, either.

Your Fan Is Too Noisy

There are a few reasons why your fan may be too noisy. It is possible that your fan is just a cheaper model, and that the materials used are not substantial enough to block the sound of the motor. It may be possible to add a sound damper of some kind if this is the case. However, there could also be a problem with the motor or other internal components of the fan, and a professional electrician is the only person capable of resolving such problems.

Your Fan is Wobbly

In all likelihood, you are not going to come home to find your fan has crashed down to the floor. However, wobbly fans really should not be ignored, regardless of how extreme the issue may be. Even if your fan only wobbles slightly, it can put the integrity of the fixture and the wiring at risk. Contact us if you notice any of these problems with your ceiling fans.

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