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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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3 Electrical Problems That You Cannot Ignore

electricalIt is safe to say that most homeowners today would balk at the idea of living without electricity in their homes. Electricity is one of the greatest resources that we have available to us, charging our phones, powering our lights, and running our home comfort systems. In a perfect world, you’d never have to worry about problems of any kind developing with your electrical system. In the real world, however, these problems are a matter of when, not if.

The good news is that you are reading this, which means that you already know where to turn when you’re ready to work with outstanding electricians in Chesapeake, VA. When we design and install your electrical system, you can count on that system to function as reliably and safely as possible. Eventually, though, you are going to run into problems of some kind. When you do, your best bet is to schedule prompt services with the electricians on our team.

Flickering Lights

Yes, they’re annoying. No, they’re not just a minor annoyance. Flickering lights are among the most common of all electrical problem warning signs, but they are just that: warning signs of something bigger. Now, it could just be that you’ve got a bum bulb, or that you need to tighten it up. Maybe the connection point in the fixture is bad.

However, if this is not the case, then it is very possible that you are dealing with wiring problems in your home. No wiring problem is ever “minor” enough to ignore! Be sure to reach out to us if replacing the bulb or tightening it does not fix the problem, or if you have flickering lights throughout your entire house.

Burning Odors

You may not be much of a cook, and burning odors may be fairly common in your kitchen. Keep working at it! You’ll be a culinary wiz in no time. When the burning odors are coming from the electric stove itself, though, or from elsewhere in your home where electrical appliances and components are the source, you cannot just ignore the problem.

Remember, electricity is potentially dangerous. That is why hiring professional electricians to service your electrical system is so important, to begin with. Ignoring burning odors in your home could result in a fire within your walls! If you smell such odors, contact us to investigate matters promptly.

Tripped Breakers

No, you don’t need to call us to reset tripped circuit breakers. That’s the whole point, right? These breakers are designed to allow you to easily reset the circuit on your own. No more pulling out fuses and so on. Don’t let that convenience convince you that resetting breakers very frequently is business as usual, though.

If it does become business as usual, that means that there is a problem requiring our services. Maybe you’re just overloading your circuits. Maybe bad wiring is to blame. Maybe it’s time to replace your service panel. Whatever the case, we’ll figure it out and we’ll resolve the problem completely.

Schedule your electrical services with House Call CompanyContact us and see how we can make you smile.

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