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How a Smart Thermostat Can Help Your Furnace

For those of you out there with an unreliable furnace, it’s true that your heating system can use all the help it can get! While sometimes we might talk about efficiency tips, routine maintenance, or other ways to keep your furnace running smoothly, today we’re going to talk about smart thermostats.

That’s mainly because when it comes to furnace service in Suffolk, VA there are few things that can mitigate inefficiency problems more than a smart thermostat. These posts are all about informing homeowners of the subtle ways that they can help their heating systems on their own, and a smart thermostat is the perfect way to keep your furnace happy without needing technical expertise.

So, if you’re the kind of homeowner that still wants to help your furnace even though you’ve already had a professional perform maintenance and repairs, then consider investing in a smart thermostat.

Convenience Saves Money

While we all love convenience, convenient things don’t usually save us money. However, in the case of a smart thermostat, it’s increased convenience can also absolutely save money in heating costs.

Smart thermostats work via your smartphone or a tablet, meaning if you’ve forgotten to turn the heat down after you’ve left for work or vacation, you can always adjust the temperature accordingly on your phone. This means that you can tailor your furnace to a reasonable temperature when you’re not home, keeping your bills low without letting your property freeze. Some smart thermostats can even detect when you’re not home, saving even more money by taking the human error out of the equation entirely!

Precision Reports and Alerts

Smart thermostats are a great window into the efficiency and effectiveness of your furnace. By having a smart thermostat installed, it will tell you exactly how much fuel your furnace is consuming, how much it’s costing you, and even helpful tidbits of information like which times of the day are the most expensive for your heater to run!

These thermostat systems also increase the reliability of your heater by sending you alerts when the temperature of your home drops below or above a certain point. If you’re scared that your heater might fail and you want to be alerted as soon as possible when that happens, your smart thermostat is the first line of defense. By programming a pre-determined range that you set, rest easy knowing that your smart thermostat is looking out for you and your furnace.

Knowledge Means Savings

Smart thermostats can tell you where your heating habits can be improved. For families that are looking to improve their budgeting and use less energy, a smart thermostat can give you the tools to achieve that goal. It’s a combination of all the things we’ve mentioned: increased convenience, efficiency reports, and automated alerts, that cause your smart thermostat to be a valuable part of your heating system.

By having a system like this installed in your home, you’ll have access to more knowledge when it comes to your fuel consumption and your heating habits. More knowledge means having more opportunities to change and increase your savings over time. Who knows, maybe your smart thermostat will end up paying for itself!

Think a smart thermostat could be right for your home? Let us know at the House Call Company! Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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