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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Signs You Could Use a Furnace Replacement

No, we’re not just talking about replacing your furnace for fun. Furnaces have a set lifespan that they really aren’t supposed to keep working past. If your system is 20 years old or older, you could be plagued with high fuel bills, inefficiency, poor home heating quality, and even safety concerns.

We like talking about replacements because there’s a constant misconception with heating systems that you should use it until it breaks down on its absolute last day. However, what homeowners don’t like to think about is that furnaces are not people. We don’t want to keep them around as long as we can, because soon they start doing more harm than good. A family that uses a gas furnace, constantly paying for furnace repair in Chesapeake, VA 10 years longer than they should be, means a higher net cost that can sometimes be too much to handle.

Don’t ruin your budget with a heater that’s barely working. Get a replacement today.

Telltale Signs

If you’re not convinced yet, we don’t blame you. We all have the attitude of, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!” But we’re here to explain why, even if it isn’t broken, it might be time to fix the problem.

  • Age. This is the first and most important aspect of furnace replacement. If your system is 20 years old or more, then expensive problems are going to arise that you can’t prepare for. You’ll be dealing with part repairs for discontinued components, an increased frequency of repairs, and a higher likelihood of a total breakdown.
  • Skyrocketing Bills. Have your heating bills steadily increased over the past few years? No, you haven’t just been experiencing record cold winters every year (while that might still be happening, it’s not as consistent as that). Heating systems are supposed to stay relatively efficient through their lifespan, and the moment they lose efficiency, they’ll start to cost you money. It only gets worse the older your heater gets.
  • Expensive Repairs. Think about this—if you’re paying upwards of a five hundred dollars every year for repairs to keep your old furnace running, shouldn’t you look into replacing it? Sometimes the amount of money you spend on a furnace will end up paying itself if your other option is to keep paying for a busted one. Newer, more efficient gas furnaces are not very expensive these days!
  • Poor Heating Quality. Sure, your heater might not be too expensive to run, but is it heating your home to the standards of you and your family? Do you constantly suffer from cold spots and heating that’s subpar? It could be due to the fact that your heater just can’t do its job anymore, no matter how hard it works. Contact a professional to talk about heating replacements that will get the job done.

Don’t bother trying to justify keeping your old heater. We get it, replacements can be expensive and a hassle of a process to go through. Just remember that it could make your life a lot easier for the seasons to come.

Dealing with a dying furnace? Call the House Call Company today. Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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