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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Simple Tips for Better HVAC Efficiency

money-out-of-chimneyWe all want to live comfortably in our homes, right? Of course. That is why we have heating and air conditioning systems to begin with. What we don’t want, however,  is to have to spend more than we should in order to live in that level of comfort. Yes, heating and cooling your home is going to come at a cost. It should not be a cost so high, however, that you are doing a double take each and every time you open up the utility bills.

That is why we’re taking an opportunity to share with you some simple tips about how you can enjoy better HVAC efficiency all year long. Don’t worry, we’re not just going to tell you to replace your HVAC systems with more efficient models. That will, of course, result in better efficiency, but it is not necessarily an expense that every homeowner is going to be able to handle at any given time. No, these tips from our Chesapeake, VA HVAC pros are simpler and won’t drain your bank account.

Invest in Some Good Curtains

I thought this was an HVAC blog, not a decorating advice column. What gives? Sure, curtains have a decorative flair to them. But they don’t serve only to make a house look more attractive. When you invest in good curtains, you can use them to boost energy efficiency when both heating and cooling your home.

In the summer, when the heat of the sun is not exactly something you want in your home, use the curtains to block the sun and the heat that you’d gain from it. In the winter, throw those curtains open during the sunnier time of the day and close them to keep that heat in the house during the evening.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Why bother wasting the energy to run your ceiling fans and your AC, you may be wondering. After all, it’s not like the fans are going to actively cool the air at all. That may be true, but that’s not the point. Fans use little electricity and they help to keep the cool air circulating throughout your house in the summer.

Of course, you should be using them in the winter, as well. Why? Because heat can become trapped at the ceiling, as it is rises naturally. When you reverse the direction your fan rotates with the flip of a switch on the unit, you can force that air back down into the living space, where you need it.

Schedule Maintenance

There is no better way in which to enjoy the most efficient performance possible from your HVAC systems than to schedule routine maintenance. If your heater and AC are not tuned-up on an annual basis, those systems are not going to function as efficiently as they should. Take advantage of our maintenance program, and you’ll be able to live comfortably while scaling back on your energy costs, too.

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