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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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What Benefits Does Ductless Heating Offer?

Some homeowners seem to think that they are still limited to the classics when it comes to heating their homes, such as the furnace or the boiler. These systems are classics for a reason, and are definitely the best option for many homeowners out there. Others may find that a newer type of system is what they’re after, however.

If you are looking for a different kind of technology when heating your home, we strongly recommend that you consider the use of a ductless heating system in Portsmouth, VA. Doing so will open up a number of different benefits for you. Just consider the following, and call our number if you think that you are ready to take air ducts out of your home heating equation.

  1. Efficiency is a major draw for homeowners looking into ductless mini split heating systems. Ductless systems use heat pump technology when heating homes, which means that they transfer heat into the house, rather than directly generating it. Refrigerant is evaporated outdoors, where it draws heat out of the air. It is then compressed, and its thermal energy is used to heat air that warms the house.
  2. Versatility is another major benefit of the ductless mini split system. In addition to heating your home in a very efficient manner, your ductless mini split can also cool your home in the summer. The aforementioned heat pump technology allows for the reversal of the system’s operation. Plus, you can heat or cool different areas of your house to different temperatures, because individual blowers are used in different areas of the house. These blowers operate independently of one another.
  3. Air quality is another selling point of ductless mini splits. Leaky ductwork is not only a major source of air loss and inefficiency with many ducted systems. It can also let pollutants into that system, which can then distribute those pollutants throughout the house. The elimination of air ducts means the elimination of this problem entirely!

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