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What Heating Maintenance Means for Your Safety

There are a lot of reasons to schedule heating maintenance in Suffolk, VA. Heating maintenance is a great way in which to keep your heater working at peak performance levels, for instance. It is also an effective means by which to limit heating repair needs. There is another factor to consider, however, and it is the most important of all.

Heating maintenance could potentially save lives in your home. Modern heating systems are safer than ever before and have many safety features and fail-safes devices to prevent dangerous situations. That being said, nothing beats a thorough inspection from a trained heating professional when it comes to ensuring that your heater is not creating a dangerous situation in your home.

Heating Maintenance Can Save Lives

This is not melodrama. Any time that you are dealing with electricity and/or combustible fuels in your home, there is the potential for danger. The key to minimizing the risk of using these resources is always to schedule professional services and to have the equipment using these resources regularly maintained. There are two major safety concerns when it comes to heaters:

  • Fire: Any time you are generating heat, whether by combusting fuel or with electrical resistance, there is the possibility of fire. Electrical issues like arc faults, for example, could cause a fire, as could fuel leaks in combustion-based heating systems. When you schedule annual maintenance before putting your heater to work for another season, you are giving a professional technician the chance to rule out any such issues with your heater.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Just as you use smoke detectors to provide an early warning in the event of a fire, you should be using carbon monoxide detectors to do the same if carbon monoxide is leaking in your home. This gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so a good CO detector is really the only way to discover its presence. Of course, meticulous heating maintenance can also help to prevent CO leaks in the first place.

Be sure to schedule your heating maintenance with the professionals at House Call Company.

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