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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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When to Schedule Professional Heating Repairs

Hopefully you’ve already scheduled your routine heating maintenance service, which will help your heater get back into the groove of things in a successful manner. You must remember, though, as we progress into colder and colder temperatures, that no amount of heating maintenance can ensure that your system operates with 100% reliability. In fact, it is all but inevitable that you will, at some point, require professional heating repairs in Hampton, VA. When you do, you need to act quickly. Even if your system does not break down entirely, any problems with its condition or operation must be resolved as soon as possible. They’re only likely to get worse with time, after all. Review the following points, and call House Call Company with any concerns that you may have.

Uneven Heating

Your heater, regardless of make and model, should be capable of heating your home evenly and effectively if it was properly sized and professionally installed. If it used to do so, but is now struggling in this regard, you need to give us a call. Your system likely has a problem of some sort resulting in its inability to heat your home in an even manner. It could be a damaged section of ductwork, or any other number of issues. Only a professional can tell for sure.

Increased Cost

Are you surprised by the cost of heating your home? Does it seem as though your heater is much more costly to run than it has been in years past. Sure, a heater may lose some of its efficiency over the years, especially toward the end of its projected lifespan. You really shouldn’t see a major spike out of the blue, though. If you do, it may be due to a problem in need of repairs.

Strange Sounds

Your heater is going to make some noise. Even the quietest of systems, such as radiant heating systems, will make some noise during operation. If you start to hear frequent, unfamiliar, and alarming sounds, though, dial our number right away. While such sounds may seem of little concern, the truth is that they may indicate that there are more serious problems in development.

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