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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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How Can Professional Air Sealing Benefit Me in My Home?

No matter what the age or size of your home may be, we believe that you should be able to both heat and cool that home efficiently. However, for many different reasons, a lot of houses throughout the area have air leaks, and these air leaks make it all but impossible to heat and cool a home both as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you suspect that you are suffering the ill-effects of air leaks in your home, contact a member of our staff today. We offer exceptional air sealing services in Chesapeake, VA, and we’ll make sure that your home is sealed up properly.

Why Should I Schedule Air Sealing?

The fact that your home allows for some transference of air into and out of it is not inherently a bad thing. In fact, some amount of natural ventilation is necessary if you hope to maintain good indoor air quality in your home. Problems do develop, though, when there is too much ventilation in your home’s thermal envelope. Have you noticed that certain areas of your home are always hotter or cooler than others? This could be due to air leaks. Are your heating and cooling costs higher than you feel they should be? That may be the result of wasted energy, as unwanted heat transfer is causing your HVAC system to operate harder than it should have to.

While you can take measures to tighten up your thermal envelope on your own, scheduling professional air sealing is recommended if you encounter these sorts of problems in your home. We have the materials that we need to seal your home up effectively, and the knowledge and experience to ensure that your home is not, in fact, sealed too tightly, eliminating that necessary amount of natural ventilation.

Give House Call Company a call today if you have any questions regarding this invaluable service.

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