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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Do I Need to Replace My Air Ducts?

duct-interiorBecause the air ducts that our central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps use to distribute heated and cooled air through our homes are largely hidden from view, it can be easy to force them out of our minds. However, we recommend against doing so. After all, damaged ductwork is one of the most common causes of a number of heating and cooling issues. In some cases, your ductwork may be repaired. That is a fairly tough job.

In other cases, however, the job is even tougher. In these instances, it may be best or even completely necessary to replace your ductwork entirely. If this is the case, then you need to know you are working with skilled, trained professionals who will do the job right every step of the way. When you hire House Call Company to replace your air duct system, you’ll be working with some of the finest Chesapeake, VA HVAC pros around.

Why Might I Need Duct Repairs or Replacement?

Because your air ducts are basically just metal tubes—yes, an oversimplification, but you get the idea—you might think that they’re pretty much going to last forever. After all, there are no mechanical parts to fail, they aren’t made of glass that can crack and shatter due to expansion and contraction, etc. So what circumstances could lead to the need for duct repairs or even a full replacement?

Well, there is potential for damage as a result of a few different issues. If you have a leak in your home, for instance, be it a leak in the exterior envelope allowing rain in or a plumbing leak within the house itself, your ducts could fall victim to damages due to water exposure. Corrosion would be a real potential problem in that situation.

There is also the possibility that your air ducts could be damaged during a construction project. Perhaps vermin have infested them, damaging them and making them unsanitary enough that a replacement is the right way to go. Of course, you may also just have a system of ductwork that was not well-designed or properly installed from the start (not if we did the job, naturally!). If this is the case, removing them and redesigning the system may be your best option.

Can I Replace My Own Ductwork?

No, absolutely not. Just because ducts themselves are not highly complex mechanical systems does not mean that just anyone can successfully install ductwork, let alone design a system appropriately. If your air ducts are not laid out in the right way for your home, connected to the system appropriately, and sized for your system specifically, then you are going to run into a lot of problems with high energy costs, low comfort levels, and uneven heating and cooling at best.

Even the most efficient and well-made HVAC systems will fail to impress if they are not paired with an outstanding ductwork system, properly designed and installed by trained, qualified technicians. Guarantee your own satisfaction by scheduling your ductwork services with us.

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