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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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How Too Much, or Too Little, Humidity Hinders Comfort

When most homeowners think of maintaining a comfortable environment in their homes, they first think of their HVAC systems. This makes sense, of course, as it is this system which allows one to heat his or her home in the winter, and to effectively cool it in the summer. There are many other factors which play into residents’ overall comfort, though, with the level of humidity in one’s home being chief among them. That is why having to much or too little humidity in the air throughout your house can be such a problem. Fortunately, our staff can outfit your home with a great humidifier or dehumidifier if necessary. Contact House Call Company today if you think that you could benefit from whole-house humidity controls in Chesapeake, VA.

Problems with High Humidity

A common issue when the heat of summer gets underway, having too much humidity in the air filling your home can have a number of adverse effects on your comfort, and even on the condition of your property itself. Very humid air retains heat very well, which means that cooling your home can be challenging; it can also put a lot of unnecessary strain on your AC. Biological pollutants thrive in very humid conditions as well, meaning that you may be at higher risk of problems with mold, while also suffering aggravated allergy and/or asthma symptoms. Water staining and associated damages, as well as wood rot, are also common. Use a whole-house dehumidifier to avoid such issues.

Problems with Low Humidity

Low humidity levels are no better, of course. If the air surrounding you at home is to dry, then you can expect your skin and sinuses to dry out as well. This can lead to real discomfort, and even increased risk of illness. Wooden floorboards and fixtures may crack and split, and sensitive electronics are put at risk due to increased electrical shocks. Fortunately, you can use a whole-house humidifier in order to sufficiently humidify the air in your home evenly and conveniently.

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