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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Prevent Excessively Dry Air This Winter

Your heating system may not actively dry out the air in your home the way that an air conditioner can, but dry air is still a very real problem during the winter months. While the air in the summer tends to be humid, and dehumidified somewhat in the cooling process, the air in the winter starts out dry.

That means that you may be heating already dry air and redistributing it throughout your home again and again. That can have a seriously negative effect on your indoor air quality. Fortunately, it is a problem that you can resolve with the use of a professionally installed whole-house humidifier in Norfolk, VA.

Problems Caused by Dry Air

Dry air in your home can lead to a number of different problems. For starters, it can begin to dry out your skin, leading it to itch and even crack and bleed. That is obviously not a comfortable way to live, and introducing the right amount of humidity into the air in your home can help you avoid such problems.

Very dry air also increases the frequency of static electric shocks. These may be only mildly painful, but they are also incredibly annoying. Plus, with all of the electronics and gadgets in homes today, there is a risk of static shocks damaging your devices.

Your home itself may also suffer damage due to dry air. You may run into trouble with splitting wooden floorboards, chipping paint, and cracking wallpaper. A whole-house humidifier helps you to avoid such problems.

Why Choose a Whole-House Humidifier?

You have no doubt seen portable humidifiers around. These may be fine for humidifying a single room, such as a baby’s nursery or your own bedroom, but they are not at all ideal for humidifying a whole house. You’d be refilling the tank constantly, and either using multiple units or moving one humidifier around all of the time. A whole-house humidifier integrates into your HVAC system, is accurately controlled with a humidistat, and is fed water directly. It is more effective, more convenient, and won’t over-humidify the air, either!

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