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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Should I Be Using a UV Air Purifier in My Home?

When you are in your own home, you deserve to be absolutely comfortable. To achieve the level of comfort that we know you deserve, though, you need to do more than just heat and/or cool your home successfully: you must also ensure that the air that fills your home is of the highest possible quality. Most often, this is not the case by default. No matter what problems you may have with your indoor air quality, though, know that there is an appropriate solution just waiting to be had. For dealing with biological pollutants, such as viruses, mold, and bacteria, that solution may be to use a UV air purifier in Suffolk, VA. Contact House Call Company to get started.

What Is a UV Air Purifier?

A UV air purifier is an air purification device which is installed directly into your ductwork, typically by the air handler in the system. This allows for all air passing through the system to pass beneath the UV germicidal light, ensuring that it is treated. The UV lamp will emit a safe amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation: safe to all residents, pets, and others within your home, that is. To the biological pollutants in the air passing beneath it, the effects of this UV radiation are devastating. The biological pollutants are disrupted in such a manner that they cannot reproduce, and they are effectively destroyed by the system.

Who Needs a UV Air Purifier?

Not every homeowner will benefit from a UV air purifier, and you should keep in mind the fact that these systems do not filter pollutants from the air. Because of this, they are a great supplement to, but not a replacement for, more traditional air cleaning and filtration systems. If you have bad allergy and asthma symptoms, though, or if you notice mold in your home, you are wise to consider the installation of a UV air purifier. Contact us to learn more.

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