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Does Insulation Play a Role in the Summer Months?

Not only does insulation play a role during the hottest time of the year, but it plays an incredibly important role. Many homeowners mistakenly associate the insulation in their homes with the winter season, when they’re trying to keep the chill of the air out of the house.

In truth, though, insulation works both ways, meaning that it is going to prevent excess heat from getting into your home just as much as it is going to help stop it from getting out in the winter season. You need great insulation to enjoy great air conditioning in Suffolk, VA. Here are a few signs of trouble to look out for. 

Soaring Costs

Did you notice that your heating bills were higher than average last year? If you find the same to be true of your cooling costs, it is very possible that subpar insulation is to blame. Heat is naturally going to move from hotter environments to cooler ones. When you are using your AC to cool the interior of your home, the heat from outside is going to try and infiltrate your living space. When it succeeds, your AC has to work harder and your cooling costs will go up.

Uneven Cooling

Are different areas of your home less comfortable than others? If you have subpar insulation in those areas, this is really of no surprise. Your air conditioner is not going to be able to evenly and effectively cool your home for maximum comfort if you have spots of weak insulation in your home. Your AC system and insulation truly go hand in hand.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Another indicator of subpar insulation is reduced indoor air quality, as pollutants are more easily able to penetrate your home’s thermal envelope. If your indoor air quality begins to suffer, your AC system may suffer as well. Your air filter may clog up more quickly than you’d expect, and your AC may actually distribute pollutants throughout your home via ductwork.

Be sure to let House Call Company handle your insulation and AC services. 

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