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Potential Problems with Your Insulation

batt-insulationWhile your air conditioner is only going to work during the hot summer months, and your heater will run throughout the winter season, there are certain items in your home that do an important job all year long. While your insulation in Virginia Beach, VA is not a mechanical system with moving parts that will need to be tuned up, it is vital that these materials function precisely as intended at all times. Otherwise, you may encounter a number of different problems.

Chief among these are inefficiency, trouble maintaining even temperatures throughout your home, and even reduced indoor air quality. But why might your insulation fail to live up to expectations to begin with? That is what we want to cover today. If you notice signs of subpar insulation in your home, be sure to call us right away.

Professional Installation Helps to Avoid Many Problems

Sometimes, problems with the insulation in a home are evident right from the start. There are a few mistakes that can be made when installing insulation that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for that insulation to perform at peak levels. It is for this reason that scheduling your insulation installation with trained, experienced professionals is so important.

If you have blown-in insulation in your home, for instance, it is possible that there is just not enough of it in place to achieve the proper R-value for the situation. The R-value of insulation refers to its heat transfer resistance. With materials such as rigid or batt insulation, the R-value is clearly spelled out on the product. With alternative insulation materials such as those used in blown-in insulation, however, the technician must take care to ensure sufficient coverage to achieve the right level of resistance.

When using batt insulation, it is also possible for the installer to make mistakes or to take shortcuts that could lead to trouble. It is important that the insulating materials are set directly against the structure, and that no space exists between the material and the building. Additionally, it is important that there are no gaps between insulation that is installed side by side, as this can allow for excessive heat transfer.

Insulation May Degrade Over Time

Even if your insulation is installed properly every step of the way, it is possible that it will degrade over time. This can occur for a few different reasons. The outcome is always the same, however. You wind up paying more to heat and cool your home, and often with reduced comfort levels to show for it.

A common cause of insulation degradation is water damage. This could be due to humidity levels, or from rainwater leaking into your home. Oftentimes the homeowner may not even be aware of this issue. Another common cause of degradation or damage to insulation is pests.

The best thing that you can do for your insulation is to contact a member of our home performance team the moment you have any reason to believe that there is an issue. We can assess the situation and replace or supplement your insulation as needed. That way, you can live in the comfort that you deserve with the efficiency that you demand.

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