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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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4 Ways to Steer Clear of Toilet Toils

Taking care of a toilet can be hard work when trying to make sure it doesn’t break down. Your toilet performs hard work every day, and without the proper attention it deserves, it could start clogging, overflowing, and breaking down more often than anyone would like.

That’s why we’ve got 4 toilet tips to give homeowners in our area, so they too can be attentive and vigilant towards the issues arising in their toilets. From detailing the right way to clean your toilet, to proper flushing techniques, to even pinpointing when to call a professional for plumbing in Chesapeake, VA, we’d like to provide you with all the toilet information you might need.

We might be plumbers, but we’re also neighbors and friends, and as any friend would do, we’d like to help you avoid paying avoidable amounts of money for toilet repair. So, let’s get to work!

Toilet Maintenance

This isn’t the same as AC or heater maintenance, since toilets perform a much different job and work much differently than those systems do. For a heater, it’s safer and more efficient to have a professional provide maintenance. For your toilet, there are a plethora of ways to provide sensible maintenance yourself to make sure it works for years to come.

Keeping Your Toilet Area Clean

Now, before you say anything, we’re not telling you this to be obnoxiously picky about your living space. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, there are some technical benefits to having your toilet area of the bathroom cleaned regularly.

For instance, with a clean floor around your toilet, you’ll be better able to spot things like mold, bad reoccurring odors, or overflow more easily because the rest of the floor will be clean. Noticing these things can give you a clear reason to contact a plumber and address a problem before water damage occurs to your plumbing or your floor. Not only that, but locating mold spores or toilet overflow earlier than later can benefit your health too.

Stay Away from Chemical Solutions

Chemicals might advertise themselves as toilet safe, but they’re not. Chemicals might sometimes get the job done of removing a clog or reducing overflows, but they’re brutal on your pipes and your health.

Store-bought chemicals often release fumes that can be terrible to breathe in. They’re irritating to your nostrils, mouth, and eyes, and can stick around in your bathroom for days to come. These chemicals also eat away at the lining in your pipes, contributing to leaks and other plumbing problems down the line. Not to mention that they sometimes don’t even work at all!

Don’t Flush Anything Else

Toilets are reserved for things like toilet water, waste, and toilet paper—and that’s about it! Those materials decompose easily in either your septic tank or the sewer system, which is why anything else could contribute to clogging or downright destroy your plumbing system if flushed down the toilet.

Contact the Pros

Need help with any toilet problems? Unfortunately, we’re not going to talk about what to do, because it should be left up to a master plumber to figure out. Think about it, a plumber can help you avoid causing unnecessary damage, which is important when trying to keep your home in good condition.

This sounds like a house call for the House Call Company. Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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