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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Do I Have a Gas Leak?

gas-meterThe honest answer here has to be “hopefully not,” but we want to reassure you not to panic. If you do have a gas leak, you need to get out of your home, contact the appropriate authorities, and have the professional plumbers resolve the problem. Your safety is at risk when you have a gas leak, and you cannot afford to waste time panicking when you could take proactive measures.

But before you can start taking those measures, you’ll need to recognize you have a gas leak to begin with! You don’t want to complicate a simple problem by thinking it’s something more serious, but you also don’t want to assume nothing is wrong when, well, there is! The Chesapeake, VA plumbing professionals on our team are here to ensure you know what to look for in the event of a gas leak.

Strange Phenomena in the Yard

No, we’re not talking about grainy, night vision footage of “ghosts” like you see on those dime-a-dozen paranormal TV shows. We’re talking about the strange phenomenon of dirt blowing straight up in the air across your yard. It may look odd, but the explanation in fairly simple. Unfortunately, it is probably not one you want to hear.

You could have a gas leak (but saw that coming, right?). If you do have a gas leak in the line buried on your property, then the pressure of the gas beneath the soil could be expelling dirt up into the air. When you notice something like this, don’t write it off as an odd quirk. Your safety could be in jeopardy!

Foul Odors Abound

If you have pets, or kids, or any living being in your home, then there is bound to be a foul odor here and there that you’ll have to put up with. Hey, we’re plumbers. We know these things. But unless your housekeeping skills are really lacking, that rotten egg odor you smell could indicate a far more serious problem than some spoiled dairy.

You may have a gas leak, and that smelly odor is often the first warning this is the case. Did you know this odor is added to natural gas specifically for this reason? It’s true—natural gas is naturally odorless, and that sulfur stench is intended to give you a heads up about problems with your gas line/piping/appliances.

The Plants—They’re Dying!

Are your plants yellowing? Are the shrubs dying off? Don’t worry, it may not be your lack of a green thumb to blame. You could have a gas leak. Okay, that’s probably not much in the way of solace, but at least it’s a problem that we can help you with.

If you notice vegetation in the yard and around your home dying off, don’t just write it off as a loss. It could be natural gas coming from a leak is poisoning it/them. Let us investigate matters to protect your safety.

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