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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Is There a Problem with My Gas Line?

Natural gas is one of the most commonly used resources in homes throughout Hampton Roads, if not the world. This is not difficult to understand, as natural gas is quite efficient, affordable, and, in terms of fossil fuels, clean burning. All that being said, no energy source comes free of potential dangers. With natural gas, a leak in your gas lines or gas hookups can prove to be quite dangerous. That is why the gas line experts on our plumbing staff have put together a brief list of signs that you have a problem with your gas line. Contact House Call Company if you suspect that you need gas line repairs in Hampton Roads, VA.

  • Sulfuric odor in the home/on the property: Assuming that you’ve not let eggs rot away in the fridge, it is likely that the rotten egg odor you notice in your household is that of natural gas leaking on your property. This distinctive odor is actually added to natural gas, which is odorless by nature. It may not be pleasant, but this odor is a great way in which to alert homeowners to a threat to their safety.
  • Dead or dying vegetation near the gas line: Is your lawn generally healthy and vibrant, but seems to have trouble sustaining plant life in a certain area? Is the yellowing, dying, or dead vegetation in the vicinity of the gas line? This may be the result of a leak in that gas line, then, and you are wise to have the situation assessed and, if necessary, resolved by a trained professional as soon as possible.
  • Hissing or whistling sounds near gas pipes/appliances: In some instances, the leaking of pressurized gas in your gas lines can result in a hissing or whistling sound. Take this audible warning sign very seriously. Contact any necessary emergency services promptly, and let the pros on our staff handle any gas line repairs that you may need.
  • Has your gas bill gone up recently for no good reason: In some case you will see an increases in your bill due to general market fluctuations, but from month to month that should not reflect in a noticeable increase. Most likely, if you spot the increase and there is not a good reason for it, you just might have a leak.

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