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Plumbing Tip: Detecting Gas Leaks

gas-range-burnersNatural gas is one of the most commonly used and highly regarded fuel sources available here in the United States. This should really come as no surprise when you consider that natural gas is quite affordable and extremely convenient. It burns efficiently, and the fact that it is largely a domestic product means that it is not as subject to the volatility of the marketplace the way that foreign oil can be. However, there are still concerns to keep in mind.

As is the case with any combustible fuel source, natural gas does have the potential to create a hazardous situation on your property. When you leave your gas piping services to qualified professionals, such as the Williamsburg, VA plumbing experts on our staff, the risk of any such problems is minimized. Because your safety is among our very top priorities, we want to use this post today to help you understand how you can spot potential gas leaks in your home and on your property.

Natural Gas Is Piped Directly to Your Home

One of the major upsides of natural gas is that there is no need for on-site storage when you use it to heat your home or to fuel your appliances (water heater, clothes dryer, oven/stove, etc.). Many homeowners are also more comfortable living without a large container of combustible fuel on their properties. Because there is gas piping running not only on your property but also right into your living space, there is one major safety precaution that is already taken: the adding of odor to natural gas.

What’s That Smell?

If you smell something akin to rotten eggs in your home or on your property, then you need to get out and contact the appropriate authorities immediately–provided that you don’t actually have rotten eggs in the kitchen or the trash, in which case you can handle the cleanup on your own!

Though naturally devoid of any defining odor, natural gas has an additive that gives it this distinctive, sulfuric stench. It’s hard to miss when it permeates the household, and it indicates that you have a potentially dangerous leak on your hands.

Dying Vegetation

As beneficial a resource as natural gas may be, it is not great for exposure to many living things. Do you find that there is a yellow strip of grass on your property? Are you wondering why your shrubs are failing to thrive? It could be due to a gas leak in the gas main that is buried on your property.

If this is the case, you cannot simply ignore the problem because you haven’t smelled anything in the house. The gas seeping up from the main is killing your vegetation, and that means that it is still rising up and out of the ground. Again, professional repairs or a full gas line replacement may be necessary.

When it comes to the use of natural gas on your property, you really cannot be too careful. If you do wind up needing gas line repairs, count on House Call Company to do the job right.

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