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Plumbing Tips for Holiday Hosting


Of all the different topics that you may cover at your holiday dinner table, we’re betting that your plumbing system and its overall performance won’t make the cut. That is totally understandable. It is, after all, not really dinner conversation to begin with—let alone dinner conversation for entertaining family and friends.

But it is really going to benefit your plumbing system to give it a bit of extra attention over the course of the holiday season. If you are hosting guests, whether just for meals or for an extended stay, then your plumbing system is going to be operating under some added stress during this stretch of the year. Remember to call our number when you need a plumber in Portsmouth, VA.

Manage What Goes Down Your Drains!

It is easier to do than it may sound, and it is going to pay off in a big way. One of the most common causes of clogged drains is simply that materials that shouldn’t go down the drains wind up in them anyway. What can one do about this?

Well, spend a few dollars and put a few good drain covers in place.

You can get them very cheap at pretty much any hardware store. Heck, most grocery stores are going to carry them in the homegoods aisle. Just pop the drain cover into place, and remember to empty it into the trash when it clogs up. That way, you are not forcing water around the drain cover, as it follows the path of least resistance.

Use Your Garbage Disposal the Way You’re Meant to!

Here’s a hint—that does not mean putting everything and anything that you need to dispose of down your disposal. Even the best garbage disposals on the market have their limitations, and there are quite a few items that we recommend keeping out of any disposal. Be sure to refer to your device’s literature regarding any other specific instructions.

  • Raw animal bones. It sounds grisly, but we need to mention them. If you prepare any meat for the holiday that includes bone removal, put them in the trash, not down the disposal.
  • Fibrous material. This includes anything from corn husks (yes, it’s out of season) to celery stalks. The reason is that, while not hard like a fruit pit, such materials can get wrapped up in the disposal and really strain it.
  • Absorbent foods. We’re talking about things like dry beans, pasta, rice, etc. They absorb water and swell up, and that can really lead to clogs.
  • FOG. Fats, oil, and grease. Liquids when warm, they will cool in your pipes and congeal. Processing them in a garbage disposal does nothing to change this fact.

Flush Only Waste and Toilet Paper

You don’t have to make a huge conversation of it, but make sure your guests know to flush nothing other than waste and toilet paper down your toilet.

No baby wipes, no sanitary napkins, etc. Keep a small trashcan nearby to ensure that they have a place to conveniently put such items.

Schedule your plumbing services with House Call Company. Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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