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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Spotting Trouble with Your Gas Line

Natural gas is an incredibly valuable resource, and it is one that countless homeowners depend upon each and every day. Not only is natural gas relatively affordable and clean-burning for a fossil fuel, but it is also piped directly to properties and appliances, meaning that homeowners using natural gas will never have to worry about running out of fuel or forgetting to schedule a delivery. It is important to remember, though, that you are indeed dealing with a combustible gas, and that failure to use it properly could result in a dangerous situation. That is why it is so important that you learn to recognize any signs of trouble with your gas line in Portsmouth, VA.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Natural gas can be dangerous, as it is, by its very nature, combustible. However, when you have your gas line professionally installed and, when necessary, promptly and expertly repaired, you can use natural gas to fuel your heater and appliances without worry. Contact us immediately if you notice any of these warning signs on your property:

  1. A rotten egg odor is one of the most obvious signs of a gas leak, and intentionally so. Natural gas is actually odorless in its natural state. This sulfuric odor is actually added to natural gas, in an effort to allow homeowners to recognize a gas leak in a swift and simple manner. Keep your nose open, and don’t ignore an eggy odor on your property!
  2. Dirt blowing up from the ground in your yard may seem like a supernatural phenomenon, but a much more likely explanation is actually that it’s being propelled upward by a gas leak in your gas line. If you see dirt blowing up in the air, it’s best to contact us right away. It may indicate a serious safety concern regarding the condition of your gas line.
  3. Dying or yellowing vegetation in the yard surrounding your gas line is another warning sign that there is a leak. Don’t blame the problem on your less-than-green thumb. The gas itself could be responsible for your vegetation’s failure to thrive.

Let House Call Company handle your gas line services. Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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