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Tips for Avoiding Garbage Disposal Failure

Using a garbage disposal is a relatively simple way in which homeowners can make their kitchens far more convenient places to work. However, you must keep in mind the fact that your garbage disposal is not, by a long shot, indestructible. In order to help you prevent problems with your garbage disposal in Williamsburg, VA, the professional plumbers on our staff have put together a few tips for you. If you suspect that you have a problem with your garbage disposal, or if it should fail entirely, remember to schedule your garbage disposal repair services with House Call Company.

Run the Water

The first rule of running your garbage disposal properly is to always run the water as you are using it. You should also allow the water to run for a few moments after running the garbage disposal. As food and waste are ground up in the disposal unit, the water will combine with the product to ensure that it is successfully swept down your drain.

Keep Very Hard and Very Fibrous Foods Out

Most people know not to put very hard items, such as animal bones, into the garbage disposal, as this can damage the grinding mechanism. However, you should also keep in mind the fact that very fibrous foods, including corn husks and celery stalks, should be kept out of the disposal as well. Such items can wrap up in the mechanism, straining motors and putting the system at risk.

Don’t Put Oil or Grease in the Disposal

You should remember too that fats and grease are only liquids when warm. If you pour them down the drain and run the garbage disposal, these liquids will cool within the plumbing system. When they do, they’ll congeal, and this can lead to very serious blockages that can have seriously detrimental effects on your system. Keep these tips in mind in order to use your disposal successfully.

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