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What Are the Benefits of an Automatic Shut-Off Valve?

Plumbing problems tend to be more of an issue in the winter months than in the summer months. Freezing pipes, increased use of the kitchen, and the presence of family or friends in your home over the holidays can all contribute to plumbing problems, leading to leaks or worse problems just when you least expect them. Every home comes with a manual shut-off valve designed to turn the water in your plumbing off when you spot a problem. But some problems can’t always be detected right away, such as leaks that occur inside the crawlspace to your walls. An automatic shut-off valve can be just the solution to handle the issue the right way. Here’s a quick breakdown on its benefits and how it works.

Excessive Flow Triggers the Shut-Off

Most automatic shut-off valves are placed right at the apex of your plumbing system, where water from the Chesapeake, VA civic system enters your home. It works by measuring the flow rate of water into your home. When a leak or similar problem occurs, the flow rate increases, which the valve notes and responds by automatically shutting off the water supply to your home.

How That Benefits You

In the first place, the automatic feature means you don’t need to worry about, say, a burst pipe caused by frozen water in the middle of the night, or a leak behind the walls that you might not be able to detect. By shutting off the water the instant there’s a problem, the valve prevents further damage to your home and lets you treat the issue with a little more breathing room. Furthermore, while the sudden shut-off of water might not always occur at the most advantageous moment in time, it instantly alerts you to the problem, letting you summon a plumber immediately instead of waiting and letting the issue linger.

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