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What Is the Difference Between Clearing and Cleaning a Sewer?

The sewer line on your property does a very important job, but it is probably not something that you think about all too much. This is one case in which out of sight should definitely not lead to an out of mind mentality, though. If you don’t keep your sewer line clean, you can run into some pretty serious problems.

Fortunately for you, our plumbers are here to ensure that your sewer line is, in fact, kept clean. This is of major importance, as you’ll learn a bit more about below. If you are ready to schedule sewer cleaning in Suffolk, VA, we strongly recommend that you do so with a member of our team.

Why Isn’t “Clearing” Enough?

The difference between clearing a sewer line and actually cleaning one out comes down to the thoroughness of the job. When augers, for instance, are used to clear out a sewer line, it is possible that enough of a blockage will be removed to allow waste and wastewater to get by. That doesn’t mean, though, that there isn’t still a part of that blockage left behind and clinging to interior surfaces of the pipe.

That bit that is left behind can lead to trouble, as it can catch other pieces of debris and wind up re-forming a clog again before long. When a sewer line is cleaned, though, this is not as much of a concern.

Cleaning out a sewer line is more thorough, and ensures that the walls of the pipe are clean as well as the center of it. Hydro-jetting is the preferred method of sewer cleaning. Only highly pressurized water is used in the process, so you don’t have to worry about corrosive chemicals at all.

To ensure that your pipes are not damaged during the hydro-jetting process, it is important to work with trained, experienced professionals. That’s why you should let House Call Company clean your sewer line.

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