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What Is Your Toilet Telling You?


The toilet in your home is not the most complex piece of equipment that you own. You use it, you flush it, occasionally—maybe not as frequently as you should, but occasionally—you clean it. That’s about it, right? Well, sure. Until you run into problems with your toilet. Then it becomes quite clear, quite quickly, that this whole toilet situation can be a bit more complicated than you realized. Don’t worry, we’ve got some information to share with you.

While it is true that most scenarios will require professional plumbing services in Williamsburg, VA, there are actually a few toilet issues that you can handle on your own. At least, there are a few fixes you can investigate before you call in the professional plumbers on our team. The moment you suspect that there is no quick fix, however, you should pick up the phone. Don’t cause serious problems with your toilet or your plumbing system in general.

That You’ve Got a Clog

Well, this is rather obvious, isn’t it? The toilet won’t flush, it overflows—so I’ve got a clog. I don’t need you to tell me that!

Fair enough, but think about it this way. Do you really want to wait until the toilet stops flushing or begins to overflow before you address the issue of a clog in the system? We didn’t think so.

Yes, those obvious signs of clogs are going to jump right out at you. However, start to pay attention to the need for multiple flushes. Pay attention to a lot of gurgling that occurs when you flush your toilet, even if everything is eventually going down. These are early signs of clogs that you can notice and exploit for early intervention.

That You’ve Got a Leak

Well, I’ll just see water coming out of the toilet or pooling around it, right? That’ll be pretty obvious. I don’t need you to—

We’re going to stop you right there this time. Yes, water coming out of your toilet and pooling around it means that you’ve got a leak. But things aren’t always that obvious, nor are they always what they seem.

If you have a crack in the porcelain and there is water leaking out, you’ll need a new toilet. Did you know that a toilet that is constantly running could also have a leak, though? Of course, it could just be a misaligned flapper.

Or that the water surrounding the toilet could be coming from around the wax ring at the toilet’s base? Not the toilet itself?

Or that you might just have a leak in the supply line, and that this can be quite easily replaced by one of our trained plumbers?

Or even that you’re just seeing the result of condensation dripping off the toilet? And that maybe the humidity in your home or specifically in the bathroom is too high to allow for natural evaporation?

As you can see, issues with your toilet are not necessarily going to be as clear cut as you might think. It’s always a good idea to inspect things a bit on your own. You can even put some food coloring in your toilet tank, for instance, and watch the color in the bowl. If it starts to take on coloration, then your tank is leaking into the bowl.

By and large, however, you’re going to need professional plumbing services. When you do, you know who to call.

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