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Winter Plumbing Tips: Preventing Frozen Pipes

The coldest time of the year is still a number of weeks away. Why then are we talking about the effects that freezing weather can have on the pipes in your residential plumbing system? Because it gives you time to prepare, of course!

If you’ve not taken steps to prevent frozen pipes, now is the time to act. Just because you’ve been lucky so far doesn’t mean that this lucky streak will continue through this winter. Take the following tips to heart, and remember to schedule your plumbing services with professional plumbers on our team.

Steps to Avoid Frozen Pipes

First things first, make sure that the water to any outdoor bibs in your plumbing system is shut off entirely, and that the bibs are open in order to drain any water out before freezing weather arrives. You must also disconnect any hoses or other fixtures that may be connected to these bibs. Even if you’ve shut the bib off, the remaining water can expand due to freezing temperatures outside, and cause the pipe to freeze and burst. An insulating cap for the bib is advisable, as well.

Within your home, make sure that any pipes passing through unheated areas are well insulated, too. You can certainly have these pipes professionally insulated, but there are also plenty of simple materials available at most hardware stores that can also work. Basic tubular pipe insulation, which simply slips over the pipe and can easily be cut to size, will do the trick.

Finally, keep cabinets and drawers open in areas where pipes pass through them. It may look a bit wonky from an aesthetic point of view, but doing this helps to keep warm air from your living space circulating around these pipes, which helps to prevent freezing. You may also want to leave your faucets trickling a bit in times of extreme cold. Just remember to remove any potentially hazardous materials or supplies from these cabinets if they are in the reach of children.

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