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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Whole–House Generator Services in Chesapeake, VA by House Call Company

Generators vary widely in size and function, and if you’re looking to purchase a new one, you need to know what to expect. A whole-house generator is supposed to cover all of the power needs in a given house. That sounds fairly straightforward, but there’s a difference between a one-bedroom cottage and a seven bedroom mansion. In Chesapeake there are houses of all shapes and sizes, but all of them need power when the electrical grid goes out during a storm, and most of them probably want a whole-house generator ready to go. That’s why it’s a great idea to contact the experts at House Call Company for help with whole-house generator services. We provide reliable installation, maintenance and repair services for all kinds of whole-house generators. But more importantly, we work to ensure that your generator is right for your house and the unique needs it presents. That way, your generator will work exactly as it is supposed to when it’s supposed to, which is usually a point when you don’t need anything going wrong.

Let House Call Company handle whole-house generator services in Chesapeake, VA!

Select the Right Whole–House Generator

As we said earlier, a whole–house generator means different things to different households. The only thing they have in common is that they need to power every appliances and electrical outlet in the house when you fire them up. But an 800–square–foot home is going to need much less power than a 4,000–square–foot home, which changes the dimensions of what a "whole house" generator should be. The best way to start is to perform an energy audit of your home and determine all of the possible appliances, lights and electrical devices that the generator will need to support. That way, you can work with the experts at House Call Company to find the right generator for your needs and ensure that it can actually live up to the term "whole house."

Make Sure Service Doesn’t End with Installation

Installing your whole–house generator is just one part of the process. You also need to make sure you have a service that will repair it when it malfunctions and keep it maintained in order to spot those problems. Most homeowners won’t use their whole–house generator until an emergency arises, which means they won’t be able to spot a problem until the worst possible moment. Instead of dealing with a repair or a breakdown in the middle of a power outage, it makes much more sense to simply establish a regular maintenance session with a trained repair technician, then respond to repair needs promptly when those sessions detect them.

Make House Call Company Your Partner with Your Whole–House Generator

A whole–house generator needs careful placement in your home, in order to vent exhaust gases, keep noise to a minimum and still reliably power every appliance and device under your roof. Residents of Chesapeake and the surrounding areas can count on House Call Company to answer all of those questions beforehand. Once we’ve determined the proper power levels of your whole–house generator, we can select the best point on your property to install it, then make sure its placement maximizes its efficiency. Our maintenance schedule will ensure that it gets examined by experienced professionals on a regular basis, and that any repair issues are resolved before the rain starts to fall. We’re ready to help so contact us today!

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