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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Chesapeake, VA Baseboard Heating Services

Whether you’re in the market for a new baseboard heating system for your home, or you find that your existing baseboard heating system needs to be calibrated for efficient performance, we can make sure that you have exactly what you need at all times. We are your baseboard heating experts in and around Chesapeake, including all aspects of installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. We can make certain that your system is properly installed or that it is cared for, even if we weren’t the installers. A baseboard heating system must always be installed and cared for by a professional.

At House Call Company, we spare no effort at making sure that our customers have everything that they need to keep their families warm. While Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area may not be subject to the same harsh winters as those to our north, residents know that a decent heating system is absolutely essential to keeping comfortable during the winter. It’s not without good reason that baseboard heating remains one of the most popular types of heating system options throughout the country. It’s versatile, powerful and energy efficient. Contact our friendly technicians today to learn more about what we can do for you.

House Call Company. Serving the baseboard heating needs of Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads area. 

How Does Baseboard Heating Work?

There are plenty of different types of heating systems on the market today. On the one hand, that makes choosing a heating system a challenge, but, on the other, it means that you can find a system that matches your needs exactly. There are two basic types of baseboard heating: a hydronic system that runs on a boiler, and an electric system. We can help you choose between them.

It’s not hard to see why hydronic baseboard heating systems are so popular. Because they use radiant heat instead of heating your air directly, they remain highly effective and efficient—they also do not dry out your indoor air further, which can be a huge benefit to homeowners sensitive to indoor air quality issues. Let us help you decide between these systems.

Baseboard Heating Installation and Replacement

Are you considering baseboard heating for your home? Then it’s absolutely essential to have your system installed by a professional so that you can count on years of excellent service from your new system. Not only does your baseboard heating system need to be appropriately sized and located, but it also needs to be seamlessly integrated into the home to prevent leaking or electric malfunction. In addition to installing systems from scratch, we can also make sure that your baseboard heating system is replaced when necessary.

Baseboard Heating Repair and Maintenance

Whether you find that your baseboard heating system fails to function properly, or you’ve got hot and cold spots in the home, we can assess the issue and provide you with a solution. Our baseboard heating repair service is exceptional. We will have your system back up and running in no time at all. We can also make sure that your baseboard heating maintenance service is completed carefully to ensure that your system works well for years to come. Contact our technicians today.


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