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Garbage Disposal Installation in Chesapeake, VA by House Call Company

Garbage disposals make your job in the kitchen a whole lot easier. Many foods are able to safely travel through the drain after they are processed into smaller pieces, preventing clogs and allowing for fewer trips to the trash can. Don’t go any longer without a garbage disposal in your kitchen plumbing system. If you need a new unit, call the professional plumbers at House Call Company. 

We will make sure that your new garbage disposal is of the proper speed and size for your plumbing needs. Call our team of experts to help you with every step of the process, from purchasing the proper unit to the final test run. Your job in the kitchen will become so much easier when you enlist the help of the professionals at House Call Company for your garbage disposal installation needs. 

House Call Company. Serving all the garbage disposal installation needs of Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads area. 

How to Care for Your Garbage Disposal 

One of the most important things to note about garbage disposals is that they are not made to handle every piece of waste that goes through your kitchen. In fact, a lot of food waste—some that you may expect to be fairly harmless—can potentially damage the drains or the disposal unit. 

You should refrain from putting anything into the drains that you could not chew yourself. This includes food wrappers, cigarette butts, and other non–food items. But it also includes hard foods and food remnants such as popcorn kernels and meat bones. 

Other items you should keep out of the drains include fibrous foods such as celery, onion skins, and anything else that could potentially wrap around the garbage disposal mechanism. This might create trouble for the disposal motor, which can fail as a result. Additionally, fats, oils, and grease can coat the unit or the pipes and lead to drain clogs. 

Take care of your garbage disposal by putting such foods in a separate trash bin and cleaning the disposal unit with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Call one of our professionals as soon as you notice any trouble with the operation of your unit. 

Don’t Schedule Garbage Disposal Installation with Just Anyone 

If you need a new garbage disposal, you shouldn’t let just anyone handle the installation. Installing a garbage disposal can be complicated without the proper tools and experience. You want to make sure it is sealed properly and that everything is fully operational, so that you don’t end up making repairs soon after installation. Be sure to only trust garbage disposal installation to a trained professional, like the friendly folks at House Call Company.

Call Us for Garbage Disposal Installation 

If you want quality service from plumbers you can trust call the experts at House Call Company. We install and service garbage disposals, and we can make sure that yours is prepared to handle the food that moves through your drains every day. Protect your pipes with a garbage disposal installation from a member of our skilled team of experts.