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Garbage Disposal Repair in Chesapeake, VA by House Call Company

One of the most frustrating issues that can occur with your kitchen plumbing system is a broken down garbage disposal. You rely on this unit to make it easier for you to cook and clean up. Plus, your garbage disposal is designed to prevent major drain clogs from occurring. So when you flip on the switch to find your unit won’t run or that your unit is running slowly, you want the problem fixed as soon as possible. In these instances, you can trust the people at House Call Company to restore your garbage disposal back to working condition.

Our friendly service experts in the area can assist with garbage disposal troubleshooting, repair, or replacement. We will always try to repair a broken system first, but if this is not a possibility, we will make sure that you get a replacement unit that runs properly for many years. Allow us to take a look at your faulty garbage disposal so that you don’t have to risk drain clogs in your pipes for any longer.

House Call Company. Serving all the garbage disposal repair needs of Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads area. 

Preventing Garbage Disposal Repair

Homeowners are often curious about how to fix a garbage disposal on their own, but this usually requires the help of a professional (if the reset button underneath the sink does not work). The best steps you can take are those that help to prevent garbage disposal issues from occurring in the first place. Keep the following items out of the drain if you want to prevent garbage disposal repair.

  • Non–Foods – This is simple: if it’s not a food, don’t put it in the disposal! Unfortunately, too many people treat their garbage disposals like regular trash cans, without thinking about where this waste ends up. Clogs are a definite possibility, and the trash will strain your garbage disposal motor, which is only designed to break up items of a certain consistency.
  • Hard Foods – This is another one that may seem obvious, but could serve as a good reminder for some family members. Harder food scraps such as meat bones, popcorn kernels, peach pits, walnut shells, and other hard items will also interfere with the operation of the disposal motor.
  • F.O.G. – This stands for fats, oils, and grease, items that often appear to be harmless but could have some serious effects in your pipes. These can cool down in the pipes and lead to major blockages, and they can also keep the disposal from running smoothly.
  • Fibrous Foods – Celery, onion and potato skins, asparagus, corn husks, and other plant waste may actually wrap around the disposal and restrict the unit. If you must dispose of any of these in the drain, cut them into smaller pieces first.

Garbage Disposal Not Working? Call a Professional

The experts on our team know the right way to fix a garbage disposal in the Chesapeake area, in case your unit does run into any trouble. Give us a call, and allow one of our experts to take a look at this vital kitchen sink plumbing feature. Call House Call Company today!