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Garbage Disposal Replacement in Chesapeake, VA by House Call Company

Call the experts at House Call Company at the first sign of trouble with your garbage disposal if you are located anywhere in the Chesapeake and Greater Hampton Roads area. Sometimes, a broken unit can be repaired, but often it just needs to be replaced. But don’t stress; the friendly professionals on our team will make this process as painless as possible. Our professional plumbers have been in the field for many years, and a garbage disposal replacement is no trouble for our team. We will help you to find a replacement unit that suits your needs, and we will install it with speed, precision, and care.

House Call Company. Serving all the garbage disposal replacement needs of Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads area. 

Don’t Put Off Garbage Disposal Replacement

We understand that you have a lot on your to–do list, so when your garbage disposal breaks down, replacement may not jump to the top of the list right away. However, we recommend that you don’t delay garbage disposal replacement any longer than you have to. It may turn out that a simple repair will get it up and running again in very little time. But if replacement is necessary, it’s not a good idea to wait.

While you can try to avoid putting food down the garbage disposal, food inevitably finds its way into the drain. Whether it’s due to a dinner guest clearing a plate and assuming your garbage disposal functions properly, or just a forgetful family member, chances are that food will move into the pipes at some point. And you’ll have none of the protection from clogs and potential sewage backup that a garbage disposal gives you if you don’t schedule replacement soon after a breakdown.

The Importance of a Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal can make your life a little bit easier, as you are sure to notice an inconvenience when your older unit breaks down. Your garbage disposal allows you to make fewer trips to the garbage can as you are cooking and cleaning, making the process a lot simpler. And as a result, less food waste ends up in our landfills.

The goal of a garbage disposal is to break up the food that is put into your drains into smaller pieces, nearly liquefying it so that it can move down the drains with ease. If you do not have a working garbage disposal, food waste can slowly build up, and, over time, you may notice trouble with your drainage. But slow drains are the least of your worries, as a buildup of debris in the sewer line can actually allow sewage to backup into your drains.

Call Us for Garbage Disposal Replacement

Don’t delay in scheduling garbage disposal replacement with a professional plumbing company with plenty of experience. Call the plumbing experts at House Call Company to come have a look at your unit and let you know whether a replacement is your best option. We have years of experience completing all kinds of plumbing jobs to our customers’ satisfaction, so replacing your garbage disposal will come as no challenge for our team. Call us today for quality service.