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Improving Lives by Improving Homes.

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24 Hour Emergency Service Available

September Special

September Special

Stop wasting energy with your old unit, We can show you how.
· Air Conditioning & Heating · Plumbing
· Electrical · Home Improvements · Home remodeling
(We can help with everything except appliances)

House Call Company will donate a portion of our profits to the East Beach CHKD Circle
· Any project paid with Check or Cash, we will make a donation of 3% - 5% of the sale to the East Beach CHKD Circle (what we save in Credit Card Company fees becomes cash money for the CHKD Circle)
· New System Replacements paid on Credit Card will result in a $100 donation to the East Beach CHKD Circle
Please make sure CHKD Circle Donation is on the Estimate so we can keep track of the donation!