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Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

Serving Chesapeake and The Greater Hampton Roads Area

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Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbers, Electricians & Home Performance in Williamsburg, VA

Are you in need of a new heating system? Does your AC have trouble keeping up with your cooling needs? Do you need a reliable and diligent plumber? Whatever your needs may be, we likely have a solution. We specialize in a wide range of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and home performance services throughout the greater Williamsburg area, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about our AC, heating, and plumbing services in Williamsburg, VA.

Make sure to ask us about our $88/month financing plan for a new HVAC system!

Plumbing Services

In addition to our extensive HVAC services, we also provide our customers with professional plumbing in Williamsburg, VA. We take pride in the ability of our trained and certified plumbers to come up with solutions to problems as well as the right products for our clients. Get in touch with us today, whether you have a plumbing issue or want to make sure that your new water heater is installed correctly.

Water Heater Services - If you want to make sure that your water heater is producing hot water efficiently as well as effectively, then a tankless water heater may be just right for you. We install and service this outstanding technology.

Garbage Disposal Services - A garbage disposal system can add some much-needed convenience to your kitchen, though it also helps you prevent food waste in the home. We can make sure that yours is installed correctly.

Heating Services

While Williamsburg, VA may not be known for its harsh winters, a whole house heating system is nevertheless a requisite when it comes to comfort. We offer excellent heating services to our clients in the area, including the installation and replacement of furnaces, heat pumps and boilers, as well as heating repair and routine maintenance.

Air Conditioning Services

If so, pick up the phone and give us a call. We specialize in air conditioning services throughout the Williamsburg area, and we can make sure that your AC is in good working order at all times. Whether you need a new system installed from scratch or you find that your existing system fails to provide you with sufficient cooling, we can provide you with a solution. Our team of HVAC contractors can provide you with the following services:

Professional Electricians

We install and service a wide range of electrical products and systems. Whether your new home needs to be outfitted with a new electrical system from scratch or you find that your existing ceiling fan, generator or indoor lighting is not working properly, we can take care of the issue. Our professional electricians in Williamsburg, VA are always eager to undertake a new project.

Ceiling Fan Installation - One or more ceiling fans can do wonders for your comfort and efficiency. We can make sure that your ceiling fans are installed correctly.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is about much more than just temperature. Equally important is the quality of the air that you breathe indoors, including the humidity level as well as the level of airborne contaminants and pollutants. But not to worry. With the team at House Call Company in Williamsburg on your side, you can rest easy knowing that you have everything that you could possibly need.

Humidifier Services - Low humidity can be a real concern for homeowners, as it can produce uncomfortable situations in the home as well as damage to moisture-sensitive materials such as wooden floors. With a whole house humidifier, you’ll be well on your way to comfort in no time at all.

Dehumidifier ServicesIf you find that too much humidity is to blame for your discomfort, then we can assist you with that as well. We install and service quality dehumidifiers throughout the Williamsburg area.

Air Purification Services - You might be surprised to learn just how many airborne contaminants can end up floating throughout your living space. We offer a full suite of air cleaners, including air purification devices and air filters.